Sour Summer Kickoff 6/28

We've paired up with our distributors to bring you some of the best sour beers on the planet during our Sour Summer Kickoff next Wednesday, 6/28! A mouth-puckering variety of sour beers will be featured on tap ... gose, Berliner Weisse, barrel aged, oak aged, and more! 

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Chef Bill’s Guide To Bacon Burger Heaven

We frequently get asked how we make our bacon burger. Unfortunately, if we were to divulge that type of highly classified information, the sky would fall, locusts would descend upon the country, and … without a doubt … there’d be a zombie apocalypse. Nobody wants zombies so, for the sake of all things sacred, do not attempt to make this burger at home! As for how we make it, I protect that recipe by force of zombies, falling skies, and swarms of locusts. See the conundrum? 

While I won’t be divulging our actual burger recipe today, I’m going to do the next best thing ... outline the guide to achieving bacon burger Heaven at home! Here are my tips:

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