What’s up with the step of death?

Ok, that’s being a bit dramatic. However, our gastropub does have a step that’s really easy to miss when you first enter the room. Many guests are so stunned by what they see upon first visiting our space, they nearly wipe out. So please, we beg of you, #WATCHOURSTEP.

Why is your name Celtic Cavern if you don’t serve Irish food?

We’ll spare you and give the short version of this story. When we opened in 2014, we fully intended to be an Irish pub. (We also intended to be a music venue. Hence the CDs on our bar top.) After a very long and grueling first few years of struggling in order to survive, we had our lightbulb moment. The Irish food just wasn’t working for us! When Chef Bill came on board, he transformed the menu, focusing on fresh ingredients and tried-and-true flavor combinations that people love. We kept the name Celtic Cavern because it already had brand recognition within the community and, quite frankly, we really like the name.

How late can I order food?

Our entire menu is offered up until a half hour before we close. (That, by the way, is the TRUE definition of late night bites.) Visit our Contact Us page for our hours.

I’m a newbie. How do I get to the Celtic.

Our first piece of advice is beware of what your GPS tells you to do. It’s best to just follow these directions. If you’re coming from Route 9 (either North or South), take Exit 15. Go over the train tracks and then turn into the big municipal parking lot on the left. Our entrance is to the right of the main entrance to the Main Street Market.

Is your bacon burger really that incredible? I mean, really, it’s just a burger for crying out loud.

Yes. Our bacon burger is a true culinary feat. You must taste it to believe it. We know this might sound crazy to some but we highly encourage you to bite into the burger as it is before making the horrible decision of dousing it with ketchup. Trust us on this one.

Do you run specials?

Oh yes we do! We actually run specials every single week. Sometimes Lobster Sliders … sometimes Meatloaf Grilled Cheese … you really never know what we’ll surprise you with!

What’s the spiel?

Don’t get your heart set on any menu items until your server gives you the spiel. Remember those specials we just talked about? The spiel is when your server tells you what they are! The spiel is real.

Can I make a reservation?

We gladly accept reservations for parties of six or more. If you have less than six people in your party, you have the option of putting your name on our call-ahead list. When you arrive at the gastropub, we’ll make it a priority to seat you as soon as we possibly can. Please contact us for more details on our reservation policy.

What’s for lunch?

Our regular menu is served during both lunch and dinner. We also offer lunchtime specials that frequently change.

Do you host private events?

While we are happy to book a large party and reserve a section of dining space during our normal hours, the gastropub is not available for private events.

Can I purchase a Celtic gift card?

Yes! We like to call them Lucky Bucks :) and you can purchase them in any amount.

Do you have outdoor seating?

We have an outdoor patio set up during the late spring, summer, and early fall months. (You know, the times of the year when you actually want to be outside in New England.) Patio seating is first come, first serve. We kindly ask that you first see us downstairs and asked to be seated.