Stubborn Beauty Tap Takeover 11/1

Stubborn Beauty Tap Takeover at Celtic Cavern

Conqueror (Imperial Brown - 9.5%)
Most brown ales are boring, so we challenged ourselves to make a complex and tasty brown ale. big and rich and full of flavor, conqueror has it all.

Happy Treez (IPA – 6.2%)
A complex juicy hop profile with loads of dank citrus and fruit, smooth body with a very mild bitter finish ... “there's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”

Freaky Deaky Dutchman (Black Farmhouse IPA – 7%)
Complex as the "style" would lead you to believe. Slight farmhouse esters and flavor accompanied by moderate hops. Rounded out with dark malts that give a hint of roast.

How Rye I Am (Rye Saison – 8.4%)
Highly aromatic with a silky rich mouth feel and Belgian farmhouse flavor. Brewed with copious amounts of rye malt.

Kommandant Lassard (Dunkelweizen - 5.5%)
Banana esters up front and a medium body with chocolate notes and finishing with hints of apple, pear and clove.

Notorious VAG (BBA Coffee Stout - 7%)
Brewed for International Women's Collaboration Brew Day by the female crew at SBBC (with a little help from the guys of course). To make the most of this year's theme (Unite Local) we utilized chocolate malt from Valley Malt in MA, Sumatra coffee from Red Bean Coffee Roasters in Hebron, CT and bourbon barrels from Litchfield Distilling in Litchfield, CT. This light bodied stout offers a hint of oak and bourbon from the barrels with the perfect amount of coffee
blended in to balance it all out. For more information about IWCBD please visit

Nummy Nummy Cask (IIPA - 8.1%)
Our signature big IPA. hop forward aroma with citrus, grapefruit and an in your face juicy hop flavor that gets more complex as the beer warms.

Panzerfaust (Weizenbock – 8.3%)
Literally meaning “tank fist” in German, this wheat style beer boasts a beautiful caramel color, accompanied by malty, sweet flavors of banana, clove and a touch of spice. the hop heads mortal enemy…

Splendiferous (IPA - 7%)
If Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins had a baby, it would be splendiferous, just like this beer! Brewed primarily with El Dorado hops, this beer boasts tropical notes with a light citrusy finish. This practically perfect beer is your golden ticket to a jolly holiday in hop town.

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