Chef Bill’s Guide To Bacon Burger Heaven


We frequently get asked how we make our bacon burger. Unfortunately, if we were to divulge that type of highly classified information, the sky would fall, locusts would descend upon the country, and … without a doubt … there’d be a zombie apocalypse. Nobody wants zombies so, for the sake of all things sacred, do not attempt to make this burger at home! As for how we make it, I protect that recipe by force of zombies, falling skies, and swarms of locusts. See the conundrum? 

While I won’t be divulging our actual burger recipe today, I’m going to do the next best thing ... outline the guide to achieving bacon burger Heaven at home! Here are my tips:

1. If you want good you need to start good.
That means when you’re at the market, don’t run and grab the cheapest products. I find this is usually the reason why home cooks can’t get the flavors they want. Don’t buy frozen or previously frozen ground beef. Ask the butcher to grind some fresh. Also, try to add different cuts of meat into the mix. Buy amazing bacon and find some delicious cheese. Be selective and creative. 

2. Don't be afraid of fat!
If you’re thinking about a reduced fat burger then frankly ... you should be eating a salad! Make no mistake; I am not advocating a full-time bacon burger diet (although that does sound amazing). However, if you’re treating yourself to a delicious piece of perfection you must be honest with yourself and know you’re here for the fatty goodness that defines a burger. Ground beef, cheese, bacon, mayo, more bacon … do you see what I mean?

3. Don’t overcook it!
Don’t cook those delicious juices out! Don’t press your burger! Take it off the grill way before it’s well done. You want those juices dripping onto your plate of fries … not dripping down into the grill fire causing big flare ups that ruin everything. Also, be patient and flip that burger only once. You’ll get a nice sear/char on each side if you're patient.

4. Think about toppings.
There’s nothing wrong with the standard toppings (i.e. lettuce, tomatoes, onions, American cheese). If that’s what you like then stop reading and move on to tip five as these daring options I’m about to mention might upset you (and your palate). I like to be adventurous. I like to pair something savory with something sour. Yes, I said sour. Put on pickles, pickled peppers, pickled onions, or a sharp cheese like aged cheddar. I also think caramelizing onions and mushrooms make for a great foil against the sour funky taste of blue cheese. Think about your toppings.

5. Enjoy it!
And by enjoy, I mean to enjoy the whole process … especially with a beer. There are no rules so have a beer while you’re making the burger. Have another while grilling and, what the hell?! Have another while you're eating it! If you enjoy wine then have wine. If you would rather a soda then have that. The point is, you should be enjoying your food, your beverage, and your company. Because that my friends, is the true secret to good food!  

-Chef Bill

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