The story unfolds with Scotty the Carpenter making a valiant attempt to run a restaurant. He built a warm and inviting space … created an underground ambience reminiscent of simpler times. Brick walls, chalkboards, and a collection of books meant to evoke nostalgia for turning a page rather than swiping a screen. The carpenter poured his heart and soul into his aptly named Celtic Cavern. Yet bringing the concept full circle remained a mystery …

As fate would have it, Scotty Brown a.k.a. Carpenter-Moonlighting-Restauranteur, crossed paths with two friends. Although they were guys who came from humble beginnings, they both shared grandiose visions of the future. They knew the restaurant business inside and out. One’s claim to fame was his glorious, self-taught talent of cooking. The other’s was his superior skills at mixing a cocktail while sparking engaging conversation (as well as his uncanny resemblance to Vincent van Gogh). Bill Nemecek was a proven rock star in the back of the house while Brandon Warren was a local celebrity in the front of the house. After only a few encounters with this dynamic duo, Scotty (HOH, Heart of House) knew his mystery had been solved. 

Joining the Celtic team as part owners, Executive Chef Bill Nemecek (BOH, Back of House) and General Manager Brandon Warren (FOH, Front of House) have put their magical and memorable touch on Middletown’s first-ever gastropub. A tastefully designed and always-evolving seasonal menu, combined with a truly unique craft beer selection, define the experience and know-how of Bill and Brandon. The missing pieces to the crazy and complex puzzle better known as the restaurant business.

Enter our room. Watch our step. And prepare to be amazed. 

CELTIC CAVERN GASTROPUB A public house with a menu (food, beer, wine, and cocktail) that is elevated from regular pub fare but not so lofty as to be intimidating to a new guest.  

Our mission is the experience. Our method is the execution.

  • ATMOSPHERE We strive to maintain a cozy, relaxed, and clean environment that is open and inviting.  

  • PRODUCTS We maintain a high standard with our menu items.  Whether it’s a beer from our carefully curated draft list, a craft cocktail shaken with vigor, or a prime steak grilled to your specification, our attention to detail ensures that you get only the best. 

  • SERVICE Our teamwork sets us apart! Each of our knowledgeable staff members are able to assist any customer, ensuring that the guest’s experience is our utmost priority.