If you've been to the Celtic before, you know all about our step. That mischievous little stair that anxiously awaits to take newcomers out right in front of the hostess station. If you haven't been to the Celtic before, please heed our warning and look down before entering our room. (We understand the space is captivating but it's certainly not worth falling over.) 

After arriving safely, here's what you're going to find...

  • A 47-foot glistening bar manned by friendly and super-knowledgeable servers who can't wait to mix you an intriguing craft cocktail
  • Eighteen craft beers on tap (featuring at least two Stubborn Beauty selections at all times)
  • A seasonal selection of scrumptious American fare and a variety of other culinary creations you won't find anywhere else
  • Live, local music throughout the week
  • The best burger in the universe
  • Pristine restrooms (this is important to mention, as we've all experienced at least one restroom atrocity that left us praying to God the employees sanitize their hands prior to serving us)

Our quaint and cozy gastropub is a cavern, tucked beneath the Main Street Market ... a hidden gem. You'll find our entrance located directly across from the municipal parking lot on Melilli Plaza in Middletown, CT. Peruse our Facebook and Yelp reviews and you'll quickly learn why people keep coming back for more.

Enter our room. Watch our step. And prepare to be amazed.